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We made it!


THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! Thanks to your help and support we made it to our initial goal!

From now on, you can use PayPal for pledges!

UPDATE September 11, 2012: We have started to prepare the rewards and are no longer accepting new pledges. Our PayPal pledge page now is closed. Sorry!


Again, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Thanks for adding the PayPal option.
    Can you post an update on how it is going?
    I expect it to give quite a boost. :)

    Comment by entropy — 2012/08/29 #

  2. please add a combined counter for Kickstarter and Paypal Donations so the community can see how much has been funded.
    thank you in advance!

    Comment by tecci — 2012/08/30 #

  3. If we use Paypal to pledge, do we get the same rewards as on Kickstarter? :)

    Comment by Yoda — 2012/08/31 #

  4. Verstehe ich das hier richtig? Ich kann hier das zukünftige Speil Giana kaufen (erspenden :-) )?
    Kann mir bitte mal jemand in deutsch antworten.

    Comment by German — 2012/09/02 #

  5. @German:
    ja, durch deine Paypal-Spende hilfst du, das Spiel fertigzustellen und bekommst das fertige Spiel. Je nach Höhe deiner Spende gibt es noch Belohnungen wie Tshirts, Mousepads usw. dazu ^^
    Einfach auswählen was du zu Spenden bereit bist

    Comment by tecci — 2012/09/06 #

  6. I’m guessing this is the same question that was just asked in German, but can we still contribute with PayPal and get access to the reward tiers from the Kickstarter, or are those closed now? I just found out about this game on Steam Greenlight today

    Comment by raventrickster — 2012/09/08 #

  7. Gah! Dammit, I just found out about this game today. Can I still buy it somehow or somewhere?

    Comment by Northlander — 2012/09/15 #

  8. Maybe I just missed it, but is it somehow possible to provide the Information given to backers only on Kickstarter to those who backed via PayPal?

    Comment by F4yt — 2012/09/21 #

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