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We’re launched! A BIG thanks to everyone who supported us! Kickstarter backers, your keys are ON THEIR WAY!!! :D So exciting! Buy the game on one of these 3 platforms:










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  1. Hello, I buy Giana in
    but I don’t receive my copy.
    What I do ?

    Comment by Walter S. Martins Filho — 2012/10/26 #

  2. Hello Walter,

    please contact us at our backer email address as is stated on Also please check your Spam folder, could have been caught up in there.

    Comment by Patrick — 2012/10/30 #

  3. Hey, I’m not sure if this is the right place for this but I have to say, this game is fantastic. Games are built all the time but rarely are they built this well. I’ve convinced 10 other people to buy it and as I received it as a gift I’ll be donating what I can; I really hope you guys bring this kind of great game design to another game someday, for now I’ll keep replaying Twisted Dreams.

    PS: I had not even heard of the Giana sisters before this game; however, I must say that the concept is one to stick with. If you guys do produce another game, make sure to make it another Giana Sisters game.

    Comment by Link — 2012/11/03 #

  4. Unfortunately, there is one complaint I do have though. I decided to add it as a seperate comment because I didn’t want to take away from how wonderful this game is as a whole. I do adore the scenary, the music and the flawless switch between characters; however, I wish the character design for Giana was done differently. As I switch between forms, it feels like she’s the least affected by this giant change in the world. I suppose it’s because of the shadows of their heads but their outfits only seem to change by miniscule amounts so really the only difference is their hair. Even that; however, is not as drastic as one might expect. I hope you take this as constructive criticism at best. This game was really well done and I don’t want to belittle that fact with a minor character issue that I have.

    Comment by Link — 2012/11/03 #

  5. What’s the diffrense between the demo and the paid for version?

    Comment by Jason — 2012/11/04 #

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