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Public Demo Levels Now Available!

You can find a list of download links here.

UPDATE: A WinXP patch now is available!

If you couldn’t play the preview levels because your OS is Win XP, download the patch from the link above and run it after installing the demo levels.


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  1. Will Windows 8 support be available soon?

    Comment by OomJan — 2012/08/26 #

  2. I love Giana!!!! …since C64!

    …but where is the Mac – Version?

    Comment by Florian — 2012/08/27 #

  3. Way to laggy as it is right now, nearly unplayable.

    i7M 2.7 GhZ
    Nvidia 4200M
    8 GB RAM

    Come on you can do better, especially if you want to target Ouya as well

    Comment by Its Me — 2012/08/27 #

  4. Not too bad so far, I like the graphics and colours are vibrant. Sound is excellent. I understand that this is a work in progress and its looking ok so far. But I have some things I want to inform about.

    I sent the playthrough but I dont know IF it records the playthrough or expects me to write something because it just says thanks when I click send.

    Anyway there is huge glitches where if you spin or use fireball attack near the end of the level walls you will easily glitch through it and endlessly fall, you can do this near the start of the level, there is a little platform to which i thought there might have been a secret and I spin jumped by accident and clipped through the wall, I was able to replicate this every time.

    Have the ability to jump down from thin platforms too, I found myself jumping through a higher platform when not wanting to and not being able to jump back down so I had to walk all the way back to get the rest of the crystals, so adding the ability to jump down would lessen the frustration factor.

    One last minor thing, the jumping sound kinda gets annoying after a little while. I know many platformers have it, but having a more low key sound would be better.

    Comment by Born2Rune — 2012/08/28 #

  5. Played the demo (and backed the project). It’s really (!) nice, I like the great music and the background-transitions are simply stunning work. 3 notes:

    1.) It would be nice if dash and twirl both could used (once) per jump

    2.) I really would appreciate a wall jump like in NSMB

    3.) I got heavy V-sync problems with a Nvidia GeForce 560 Ti, Driver Version 301.42, Win7-x64. There is no tearing, but I got one small stutter per second – even when using a framerate limiter (MSI Afterburner/RivaTuner) which is very annoying.

    Comment by spyro — 2012/08/29 #

  6. Hello. People with Win8 RTM really should apply the patch for XP: it somehow “cured” the demo and allowed me to play it on Windows 8 Enterprise too.

    Comment by paolo besser — 2012/08/30 #

  7. Everyone needs the XP patch. Even on Windows 7 the game keeps crashing without the patch. No wonder you need it on Windows 8, too.

    Comment by Alfredo — 2012/09/07 #

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