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Rise of the Owlverlord

We’ve got some great news for you regarding the much anticipated additional content! An official release date is on its way, but until then we’ve got this little teaser to hold you over, plus some screenshots down below!


This additional adventure is free for all you backers out there who pledged 25$ or more for Giana, but we’ve also included it in a reward pack for Project Ravensdale. Every backer who pledged $15 or more to Project Ravensdale will get the new adventure in Giana Sisters:Twisted Dreams “Rise of the Owlverlord” for free. Plus, you will get EARLY ACCESS to the new adventure, so you can try it out ahead of time!



Sweet Dreams and Casual Connect

A new update for Giana has been released on Steam for a more casual, yet still twisted experience! We call it “Sweet Dreams mode” and hope that many of you more casual players will be able to enjoy Giana from beginning to end. A DRM-free patch will be released in a few weeks, for now it is only a steam update.


This past week we had a booth at Casual Connect as part of the Indie Prize Showcase, where we won best audio! Our team member Mary held down the fort the whole convention and gave us a few snapshots of how the convention went.



IMG_6578 IMG_6580





Official Ravensdale Kickstarter Launch Announcement Trailer

After a hugely successful campaign on Kickstarter in 2012 and timely releases of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, first on Windows-PC in 2012, followed by Xbox360 and PS3 versions in 2013, we are locked and loaded for four weeks of crowd funding frenzy to ask the community on Kickstarter to support our next game: Ravensdale.

TeamwOrk or die!

“Ravensdale will be an action-packed, run’n’gun-like game that encourages co-operative gameplay and is set in a fuel-powered garage-fantasy world.” Jean-Marc Haessig, Creative Director “Our new project is still in early development, but for us it’s a great opportunity to offer our community a first-hand experience of the development of a video game – through our Project Ravensdale Dev Blog.”

Ravensdale is a true multiplayer game, designed from scratch to fully support co-operative gameplay at its very core. With it, we intend to push the envelope on co-op gameplay, focusing on that aspect like barely any game has ever done before. For over a decade, the team thought about doing a game in this universe. It started with the concept of crashing over-the-top nutso “technology” into a classic medieval fantasy setting and then picking up the pieces. Or in the words of Jean-Marc Haessig: “Imagine an Orc with a huge diesel-furnace on his back powering heavy motor guns wearing an oil-rig door as a chestplate armor!”


Tune in to our live countdown on July 15th at 3pm CET, at Follow our progress by backing the project or keeping up with

Unreal Tournament Game Night with Machinae Supremacy!

Inviting everyone and anyone to join in on a night of trash-talking, flag-capturing and flak-cannon-ing fun with the guys that brought you the game AND the guys that brought you the kick-ass sound track!






Visit our facebook event page to RSVP and for more details!

Giana Sisters is now Available in the PSN Store!

That’s right! Giana has finally become available for PS3, it is officially ready for download in the US and in a few hours it will be available for the EU. Tomorrow we celebrate with a BBQ to which we’ve invited some of our backers and fans, and hope to enjoy our short breather before we head into Nintendo Submission. We hope to launch on WiiU this summer, but we will keep you updated as always.

Also, because you are probably wondering…

There are no plans yet for PS Vita but we hear your passionate cries! We would love it if Giana Sisters could be available on every device, but we have to take it one step at a time, first with WiiU, after that we are not sure. Whatever we decide to release on next, we will gladly announce!

Black Forest Games at RPC Cologne + Sony Release Dates

Hello one and all!

It’s been a while but there is more news on the way!

Game news:

Currently we are past the Sony Submission process and are awaiting our OFFICIAL release date which will hopefully come to us sometime this week, the reason it’s taking a bit longer than usual is because Sony may want us to release simultaneously among sony Japan, EU and USA. We are underway with porting to WiiU, and preparing for the official release date of our Angry Owls DLC as well.

Company news:

Black Forest Games will be appearing at Role Play Convention Cologne this weekend, June 1st and 2nd to let the public have a go at Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and to introduce the concept for our next Kickstarter once the remaining Giana Kickstarter backers have all been taken care of. Those of you waiting patiently for a Kickstarter update, it won’t be much longer for one, hang in there!

If you’ll be in cologne this weekend come see us for some awesome BFG loot, play Giana, chat with the devs, and learn about Ravensdale for the first time ever in the public eye!

BFGEm will be live tweeting during the event as well as blogging during the event, our homepage and blog will be set up this friday so even if you don’t come down, you can keep up with us during the event and onward.

Follow us on twitter @BlackForestTeam or Facebook/blackforestgames, /projectgiana or /projectravensdale

The event:

Fan Art Contest Winner!

Thanks so much to all the contestants! Your work is lovely, and it is all proudly hanging by Sarah’s desk :)



Everyone will be getting an official BFG Tshirt as a reward!

The top 3: Yun Seokho, Anastasiya Peskova and Sara Litke will be getting an official BFG Shirt and Messenger Bag

Winner: Sara Litke will be recieving the shirt, bag, and a printed canvas of her artwork signed by us, another will be hung proudly in our office.

Happy Easter!


After making it to XBLA we took a few moments to celebrate with our company BBQ and live show, but we quickly got back on track and are now fully submerged in the PS3 port. We are still in the submission process with Sony but our release date is aimed for April, once that is finished, we will dive head-first into the Wii U port.

The XBLA release has given us a pretty steady wave of new fans, especially in our online communities. Thanks to you guys we are even #2 in the top 10 German XBLA marketplace. Our retail PC version releases today, and is available for order on Amazon, and should be on the shelves any time now in Germany, Switzerland, Russia, France and US. There may be more countries in the future, but that of course is decided by our publisher.


In Germany, Easter weekend means this Friday and Monday will be holidays, same goes for most of the EU but not for the US, who only gets Good Friday in most states. Just a heads up, our office will be closed from 7pm CET tonight to Tuesday morning, when normal  office hours will occur. This means that you will get an out of office message when messaging the backer e-mail, but if there is some kind of backer emergency, you can always PM BFGEm on the forums to get an answer, because she has no life and always has time to solve backer problems.(She’s me.) For any bug issues, or just general questions regarding the game, go ahead and check in to the forums. Many of our team members like to hang out in the forums and if over the weekend you get a lot of playing done and want some feedback or to start a discussion regarding the XBLA version, feel free to join us in the forums.


Art Contest!

Our art contest is still in full-swing, and voting opens on our facebook page on March 31st! For more details, just scroll down a little bit to view the detailed post :)


We hope you all have a great Easter Weekend, and that you’ll at least get a few moments of sunshine. Eat lots of chocolate, find lots of eggs, and we’ll see you all on Tuesday.



Your BFG Team.

XBLA Release Date Confirmed!

Let’s Celebrate! 

We got through Microsoft’s submission process and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams has a final release date! You’ll be able to buy it world-wide NEXT WEDNESDAY, March 20th, 2013 on XBOX LIVE ARCADE. The DVD-Edition will follow a week later and PSN in April. So tell us: how cool is that?

Don’t forget to celebrate with us the day after release, March 21st at 7pm CET on the BFG Live-Show. Tell us what you think so far of the game on x-box, hang out with the team, win some cool prizes, and join in an interview with the masters behind our metal soundtrack, Machinae Supremacy! Just scroll past this post for details!

Console Release Special and Fan Art Contest!

We are celebrating Giana’s First ever release on XBLA with two exciting events!

On March 21st, 2013 at 7pm CET we will be hosting a very special Live Show in celebration of our first console release! It will be a show packed with fun extras including:


Official BFG Merch Raffle: Just join us in the Live Show chat and you are automatically entered!

Live Play-Through

Sneak Peek at our upcoming DLC


Live Skype Interview with Machinae Supremacy!

Simply head over to on March 21st at 7pm CET!


Please send in your questions for us and for MaSu on FB, Twitter, Google+ or on the forums in our Bi-Weekly Live Show Planning Thread

 The release is planned for the week of March 21st!

We are looking for your BEST Giana Sisters fan art! Send us your most prized creative spin on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams in a still image for a chance to WIN:

Top 10 Submissions: Official BFG T-Shirt

Top 3 Submissions: Official BFG T-shirt and Messenger Bag


BFG T-shirt, Messenger bag, Promotion of your artwork website on our social media outlets AND

1 of 2 printed Canvases of your artwork, signed by the team, the other will hang in our office.



Step 1. Simply visit our facebook page by searching Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams or through the direct link at, then select our competition app on the top of the page (next to likes).

Step 2. YOUR VOTE determines the top ten! So even if you don’t want to submit, head over to the voting gallery and pick your favorites!

Step 3. Tune in  to our Bi-Weekly Live Show # 10 on April 4th, at 7pm when we will announce the winner!


Contest Rules:

1. Submission DEADLINE: April 2nd, 2013 at 2pm CET

2. 1 submission per person

3. All artwork must be 100% original

4. Artwork must not contain nudity/offensive language


Help us decide by VOTING for your favorites in the voting gallery, a new tab will appear in the competition app on March 31st, and voting ends April 4th at 12pm CET



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