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Giana Sisters is now Available in the PSN Store!

That’s right! Giana has finally become available for PS3, it is officially ready for download in the US and in a few hours it will be available for the EU. Tomorrow we celebrate with a BBQ to which we’ve invited some of our backers and fans, and hope to enjoy our short breather before we head into Nintendo Submission. We hope to launch on WiiU this summer, but we will keep you updated as always.

Also, because you are probably wondering…

There are no plans yet for PS Vita but we hear your passionate cries! We would love it if Giana Sisters could be available on every device, but we have to take it one step at a time, first with WiiU, after that we are not sure. Whatever we decide to release on next, we will gladly announce!


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  1. Waiting for the Wii U version. I already have it from GOG. :)

    Comment by JK — 2013/06/20 #

  2. Thank you so much for this title, I played through 1.x epsiode last night, with a little tear in my eye. This game ment alot for me and my friends growing up.

    If you release it on VITA as well (with the possibility to link up progress with PS3 version), it would be most welcome.

    The game dynamics, the music, just wonderful. The same magic love as the legendary 1987 title form Time Warp is to touch and feel in this game.

    Erlend Soltvedt (32)
    Bergen, Norway

    Comment by Erlend Soltvedt — 2013/06/20 #

  3. I’m going to echo the plea that this come to vita. I’m currently playing the ps3 demo and loving it. This is a perfect fit for vita. I don’t have one yet myself but a game like this would push me over the edge. I’m almost looking forward to the idea of long bus rides with a game like this in my hand.

    Comment by Jason — 2013/06/21 #

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