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lot’s of stuff happened, since the Giana Sisters hit Japan.

FIRST: The Director’s Cut of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Europe and North America.

The release includes both our main game Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and the stand-alone add-on Rise of the Owlverlord in one big Director’s Cut version.

That means you get:

  •     Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
  •     Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise of the Owlverlord
  •     The Christmas Levels
  •     The Halloween Levels

all included in one game. Beautifully made in 1080p HD graphics and stable 60 FPS.

You can grab a copy via PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace on your console – or by using one of these links:

PlayStation Store US

PlayStation Store EU

Xbox Marketplace

SECOND: We released a Giana Sisters Multiplayer Update… FOR FREE!

Ever wanted to play Giana Sisters with your friends? Well now you can. Just update your version on Steam to unlock the three multiplayer levels.

Note, if you get used to Giana’s default controls, you might want to check out Dream Rush controls attached. You will notice that things are slightly different. If you play with the keyboard, make sure you will check the buttons by clicking “SETTINGS” button in the initial Launcher.

And FINALLY: We made a thing together with our friends at Daedelic Entertainment, Deck13 Interactive, KingArt Games and Piranha Bytes. Up until now you enjoyed Let’s Play videos from a bunch of cool guys out there. Now you can watch us play our games, spiced with some developer commentary straight from the source. Our aim is to answer your questions about game development as to the point as possible and give you an insight in how we as game developers tick.

For now we will release new content every Tuesday and Thursday in turn for every participating studio. Over time we all want to grow our network and include other studios around Europe as well.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Youtube and subscribe to DevPlay:

That’s all for now. Be sure to check this page regularly to get the latest updates. :)




Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Available October 23rd

We’ve just announced the release date. And just so you know what you are buying, we prepared a little teaser trailer for you.


We made it!


THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! Thanks to your help and support we made it to our initial goal!

From now on, you can use PayPal for pledges!

UPDATE September 11, 2012: We have started to prepare the rewards and are no longer accepting new pledges. Our PayPal pledge page now is closed. Sorry!


Again, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NewsFlash: Cuddly clones coming soon(TM)

We just received a note from the research team. Our scientists are close to a breakthrough regarding the owl clone prototype and are optimistic about it’s completion in the next few days.

More information will follow.

Project Giana – a platformer with a twist!

Giana is a girl of polar opposites, trapped in a fractured dream of rainbows and shadows. Harkening back to the 80’s Great Giana Sisters, Project Giana pulls you into a phantasmagorical adventure of contrasting themes underscored with music by Chris Hülsbeck and Machinae Supremacy – classic Giana tunes flow into metal riffs and back again as you switch between dream and nightmare.

Giana’s dual nature is a reflection of the game world. You can warp her dreams at the press of a button, causing Giana herself to shift accordingly. Both the world and Giana will behave differently depending on whether you are in the dream or nightmare, allowing you to master each level with transformative tricks.

Black Forest Games is a newly founded studio comprising the core of the former Spellbound Entertainment team. We’re a group of passionate game developers living at the edge of the Black Forest in southern Germany. Project Giana is our baby, supported by a small but devoted team and funded with our own money.

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