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Liveshow on thursday!

Hey friends,
make a red mark in your calender on thursday because we are doing a live show again!
This time we have for you a preview of ‘Rise of the Owlverlord’, some news regarding our other projects and Schmitty and Sarah answering your questions.

So if you have any questions you want us to answer please write them in our forum because it is much easier for us to collect them this way.

Just follow the link:

Of course you can also ask us during the live stream in the chat if something comes to your mind spontaneously. on thursday the 19th september, 7pm CET, see you there! ;-)

Best regards.
-The BFG Team

Owlicious GamesCom, postscriptum

This was in our mail today. Should we be concerned?

Owlicious GamesCom Part 2

Well, if you’ve been wondering how the owl has escaped Death, here’s the answer:

Sort of. It looks like it has the affinity to get into trouble… or recruit new minions?

Those are just mockups. Lucky us! But you see the pattern…

This one wasn’t real either. But it tried anyway.


Where is Waldo.. ahem.. the owl?

In the end I can happily announce that we were able to catch the owl. Or to be precise, he was:

The man with the crazy smile mentored some of our designers in the old days. Now you know…

On our way out we met some friends of the Pillowl:

With the owl back, our GamesCom adventure team is complete:

I hope you had as much fun looking at the pictures as we had making them!

Owlicious GamesCom

Who would have thought that? On our trip to the GamesCom yesterday we had an unexpected stowaway.

Suspecting nothing we opened the trunk, and off it went.

Over the course of the day we had the chance of spotting the owl in a few different places.

Here it is eying some gadgetry. Luckily for us it didn’t have any money. So we’re safe… for now.

Visiting an old friend?

And then relaxing at the IGN booth.

Can this be a clue? Hmmm…

Two creatures of the night meeting at last.

This can’t end well…

To be continued…


Last week I told you about the owl clone prototype our scientists were developing. And they did it! They actually did it!
Here is one of our happy scientists with the finished prototype:









But alas! Our good fortune was not to last. It escaped its containment facility and is on a run through the studio!
Some of our team members managed to take a few quick pictures but no one was fast enough to catch it.

It even managed to listen into some sensitive project conversations.






And finally hijacked our coffee machine!

Hope and pray for us that we can recapture that cuddly monster… or being eaten by owls may become an actual threat.


Giana – Kicking it forward!

Today is the third day into our Kickstarter campaign. We’re all pretty hyped and probably on way too much caffeine and sugar by now.

The reasons for this are twofold:

The endorsement and positive reactions of the community are just amazing! Reading about your personal stories with The Great Giana Sisters and the anticipation to play a Giana game again yourself or with your kids makes us work even harder towards that goal.

On top of that there is the positive response in the online media spreading the word about our project even further. Special mention definitely belongs to NotEnoughShaders for featuring us so prominently on their website and spreading the love. Thanks again guys!

For those who don’t know them yet: Go Check Them Out!


And stay tuned for the next update. Great things are coming your way!

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